Make your own 3D configurators

No-code. Set up the UI with ready-made elements in Vectary. Design menus, functions and triggers. Ready in minutes.
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Impress audiences and create impact

Show all product versions, from the idea to the final concept on the web. Capture the viewer's attention and reveal layers of information without obscuring the main showcase. Add customized branding. Share by sending one link that can be opened in chat or embedded anywhere online.

Include interactive configurators in decision making

Combine multiple designs into one 3D presentation for comparison and detailed analysis. Share material options with your team to get feedback or input. Use AR to instantly test in your environment without using physical samples.

See what can be configured

Discover the no-code configurator elements available to you.

Material switcher

  • Assign multiple materials to any part
  • Design your user interface and triggers


  • Make an entire part of the object switchable
  • Show and hide objects, lights, etc.


  • Place static or animated targets
  • Trigger interactions and animations

External links

  • Redirect to external link
  • Allow sites to read the configurations


  • User sees a predefined angle
  • Switch angles to show predefined details


  • Make important parts stand out
  • Triggered on click or mouse hover

Augmented Reality

  • Show selected configuration in AR
  • No additional app needed


  • Showcase modular designs
  • Attach or detach parts on click

Images and text

  • Import your own UI elements
  • Create visually interesting annotations

Download image

  • Users can download a predefined render
  • Users can download their variation

Upload image

  • Users can upload a graphic on the object
  • Create customizable 3D mockups


  • Add sounds to interactions or UI elements
  • Create custom voice guides
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Expand customization options with API

Stand out from the crowd

With Business workspaces, you can access APIs designed for developers to customize and extend the functionality:

  • Get in-configurator pricing calculators to connect to the checkout in e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.
  • Add an external data source to the customizer.
  • Seamlessly connect the configurator with your website to react to scroll animations, mouse movements, clicks.

...and much more.

Explore 3D configurator examples

Get design insights


3D configurator can give additional information and present modular parts.



Use ‘Upload image’ feature to create additional customization.



Use hotspots, annotations and floating UI to fully explain any CAD models.



Test materials, include sewing details, see variations and preview in AR.



Create a compelling sales demo with color variations and custom views.



Set up step by step instructions in the form of a 3D presentation.



Create an interactive showcase of the vehicle details and functions.



Present complete services with additional information in annotations.



Focus on realistic materials and show variations, sizes and modularity.

Get inspired by Vectary success stories

Case study

beflo used a 3D configurator and AR to present their award winning product

This premium furniture manufacturer used the Vectary platform to build an immersive configurator for their website. It was all done by a single person - their product designer - who had no previous experience working with Vectary.

Case study

KTM launched a marketing campaign using interactive features

KTM selected Vectary to create interactive motorcycle configurators to launch a complete marketing campaign and boost community engagement in a key market.

Start building 3D configurators

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