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Start your projects in Design mode

Vectary Studio is a powerful tool for all your needs. Set up your scene, create or import 3D assets, adjust materials and add interactive elements.

Create your own models

Design using mesh modeling or primitives to create your own 3D objects. Expand the possibilities with modifiers and deformers.


Use content from anywhere

Import a wide range of 2D and 3D files or ready-made objects from the Vectary library, with a simple drag and drop.


Tailor to perfection

Embrace a fully-featured 3D editor to add, change, optimize and customize your designs, materials, environments.

 Get realistic rendering on any device

Instant visual feedback while editing your project. Our WebGL renderer is optimized to run on any device from mobile to smartglasses, with a high-quality output.


Use presets of environments or upload your own, whether you need a real-life setting or stylized studio light for a more artistic output.


Apply lights that behave as 3D objects on the scene, or use emission material setting to turn any object into a source of light.


Make your 3D designs look more polished by using advanced effects like Anti-aliasing, Bloom, Reflections, Soft shadows and more.

PBR materials

Achieve photorealistic renders and embeds with our materials library. PBR standard provides high-quality visuals.

Advanced materials

Use Clearcoat, Thinfilm, Refractions, Subsurface scattering or Ambient occlusion for a professional finish.

Animated textures

Turn any Lottie or Gif into an animated texture. Unlock an entirely new creative potential to make your 3D presentation more engaging.

Add stickers and decals with automatic unwrapping

Discover a fastest way to wrap 3D objects with 2D graphics. Use it for branding, mockups, and important details to enhance the realism of your design.

Produce outstanding animated and interactive experiences

No-coding, no API needed. Transform your 3D models by incorporating
animations, transitions, and even click and action-based interactions into your designs.
Learn more about Interactions and Animations

Easy to make UIs with clear goals

Deliver customized information and CTAs or invite users to engage with fully customizable floating elements and hotspots to change between color and materials, showcase variations and modularity.

No-code Interactions

Explain complex ideas and designs easily

Define actions to deliver useful messages and connections. Let the user engage directly with the design to discover multiple layers of information, customizations, or view a complete collection of color/material options.


Add some action to your content

Use animations to map out actions to disclose information, showcase modular components and add context to your designs. Add triggers, transitions and modify the pace. Your designs will deliver not only clarity but also functionality.

Prepare for the launch

Improve the performance of your 3D display. Vectary provides tools to optimize and reduce the size of a 3D scene while maintaining its quality.

Scene analyser

Run an instant diagnostic test to identify potential performance issues and receive recommendations for improvement.

Optimization tools

Whether it’s the number of polygons that need to be reduced, or your textures are too big, with built-in tools, resolving issues is easy.


Create detailed high-quality visuals while keeping your 3D files small. A must-have for every product presentation.

Augmented reality

Create immersive experiences by placing your 3D objects into the physical world from any device. Make 3D projects AR ready in seconds.

Export 3D files

Need to use your 3D designs in other software? Download STL, OBJ, DAE, GLB, GLTF, USDZ, FBX, and you are ready to go.

Download render

Get a hi-res PNG file of your render in a second. No waiting time. Simply select the best angle and click the download button.

One link, the fundamental shift in the way we share

Free yourself from large file transfers and delays. Share and access projects from any device. See changes instantly. Sharing options in Vectary are designed to save time, unite teams and eliminate stress.
Learn more about 3D file sharing and embedding

Send a link

Send One link in a chat or a message that will directly open up the 3D project when clicked. Add comments or even bookmark it for a reference.

Embed anywhere

Use One link to embed Vectary anywhere (chat, website, presentation, etc.) or use embed code in tools where it is supported.

Create dynamic 3D designs with interactive features

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