One-click photorealistic rendering is here! Introducing Vectary Photon

2D designers can finally create professional 3D images without the need to learn complicated 3D software.

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Vectary photorealistic renderer is changing the way we design

More and more 2D designers need to produce high-quality 3D visuals, not only because their clients demand it, but also because 3D is the obvious next step in enriching their skillset. And whether it's a website header, package design, or customized mockup for a client's presentation, they need to be created fast.

It's like photography where you can control everything!


Get your design to another level with Vectary Photon

Vectary Photon is a new renderer that will help you achieve amazing photorealistic images. All the rendering features, we were missing in Vectary are now available in the 3D editor - the perfect glow, reflections, transparency. Everything looks just more real - from rough wooden materials to shiny glass and metal. It's like photography but with complete control - from the view, lights, shadows, objects, and materials. All of this without the need to waste time on complicated settings.


The technology behind Vectary Photon

Vectary Photon is powered by Luxcore API - a powerful professional renderer, customized for the simplicity of Vectary tool. Combined with Vectary's simple UI, templates and assets in the library, you can create professional images even without additional experience in 3D design. It’s just one click. Simple as that.

The Photon renderer is currently in its beta version. To try it out on your desktop, download the Vectary Photon app for Windows or Mac and run in the background, while the rendered image is generated in Vectary editor. A fast cloud rendering without the need for installing an external app will be available for our Enterprise partners.


How to use Vectary Photon renderer:

  1. Open Vectary editor, start from scratch or choose a template
  2. Go to Render tab and select Photon
  3. Download and open the app for Mac or Windows. Please note: every time you use Vectary Photon, this app has to be open. During the rendering itself, you can minimize the browser window and continue working on something else.
  4. Click Start rendering
  5. In a couple of minutes, you can Download a Screenshot of the rendered image. The speed of how fast you get a quality image depends on the complexity of the 3D scene and materials used.

Vectary real-time rendering now as Vectary Instant

The basic real-time rendering has been popular among many, ever since its launch in 2018 thanks to its fast results and game-like renders. We are keeping it in Vectary just as you know it, but now under a new name - Instant. From now on you can choose in the render menu the type of renderer.

Comparison of Vectary renderers:


New templates, collections, and assets for great results

Boost your creativity. Start with fully customizable, ready-to-use 3D templates that will assure your 3D images will always look good when rendered. Already found a template you love? Enhance it with assets from our new collections! New assets are added every week.


3D is a part of design evolution

Until now, 3D had been a professional 3D designers’ domain. With Vectary Photon, that is about to change. 

We've already seen the transformation in the field of photography a couple of years ago. With smartphones and apps like Instagram, everyone with creativity and talent can master professional photography. 2D graphic design and UI design are getting through the same advancement, mainly thanks to tools like Canva, Figma, Sketch, and Invision. Furthermore, the 3D content is needed in all emerging industries - from immersive reality solutions - AR and VR, product design, mockups, and customized stock photography. We are now at the beginning of a new era in 3D design creation.