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Unlock the complete flexibility of the platform with Vectary Business plan. Access API made specifically to customize and extend the functionality of any 3D configurators.
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What you can achieve with API

Set up e-comm functionalities or responsive behaviors for your digital twin, and so many more possibilities that create immersive experiences.
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Pricing calculator and checkout

Discover a full e-commerce integration by setting up 3D configurators with pricing calculations based on the variant at checkout. This demo was done on the Shopify platform.

Interactive web

Fully integrated interactive 3D website

Experience interactive storytelling revealed by the shoe model, integrating API through scroll interactions and UI. The demo was created on the Framer web platform.

digital twin

Connecting data to the 3D-viewer

Demonstrate how internal data can be connected to the configurator to show results in real-time. In this case, an apartment building and reservation system.

Turn 3D configurators into powerful sales tools

Get pricing calculations and connect to the checkout on your e-commerce platform.
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Vectary can be integrated with

And thousands more…

Deliver a completely interactive website

Use event listeners to let the viewer react to any user activity or data.

Let the 3D-viewer react to any user activity

Let the user interact with the object even outside the iframe. Use scrolls, clicks, move movements, user related events and more.

Receive or send any data to the 3D-viewer

Use the API’s message layer to send any data into the iframe or outside the viewer. The possibilities are endless.

Connect website UI with the 3D-viewer

Think ouside the iframe when it comes to custom UI elements. Make it completely your own.

Think bigger with digital twins

Connect your physical or digital product with its digital replica.

Create prototypes to test various conditions

Place the digital twin prototype under various conditions before putting it to production. Test pre-programmed behavior, send any data you need to the 3D-viewer, and visualize the output.

Mirror the product and its conditions in real-time

Get data to Vectary viewer to showcase the state in real-time. This can apply to warehouse data systems connected to 3D visualization, environment conditions such as temperature, state of the physical product, and more.

Control your physical product via Vectary viewer

Send data from the Vectary viewer and use the interactions in the 3D configurator to control your physical product - change the modularity, light, temperature, and more. Product connection to a web server is required.

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