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Augmented Reality is the best solution for any physical or hybrid trade show booth.
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When setting up a brand presence at a trade show or exhibition, every marketer has to answer one vital question: how do you grab the attention of the attendees? Augmented Reality (AR) is a cutting-edge technology that can benefit any stage of your trade show presence, from preparation to displays to taking the whole experience outside the venue and then online

Why AR is better for trade shows than VR

For VR, you would require an expensive headset that completely covers the eyes, and at the venue, that means only one visitor can use it at a time. AR, however, enhances the reality for everyone involved. Every smartphone in the world supports WebAR technology. By using Vectary to design the AR experience (without any coding), it can be shared on any device via a link, an embed, or a QR code.

Design a walk-through, virtual booth prototype to get the real experience

Test the design on-site before actual construction.

Planning a booth requires significant resources. Often, a specialized 3D design or architecture studio is involved. Vectary, however, allows for the creation of impressive 3D presentations with customizable material and object placement. The design can be placed in a real-size environment for a walk-through experience. This helps to gauge whether the brand is well-represented and identify areas for improvement.

If you have access to the booth's future location, you can test the design on-site before actual construction. This efficient use of a digital twin exemplifies the possibilities of AR technology.

Planning for multiple venues? Test if your current setting can be reused or if it needs adjustments. You don't even need to be on-site — simply send the link to the organizer or a colleague at the location. They can test it using their phone. This method reduces both the carbon footprint and travel costs, particularly if the event is in another part of the world.

Bring the booth experience to an online audience

We live in an era of hybrid conferences. Bring the added value with 3D and Augmented Reality.

Many conferences today are hybrid, consisting of an offline exhibition and an online keynote streamed to a larger audience that may not be able to attend in person. AR opens up numerous possibilities to enhance the experience for remote attendees. For instance, if you're launching a new product, share a digital twin of the product via a link. This can be done through official conference channels such as social media or newsletters or by targeting a specific conference hashtag. The user can open and view the product display at their location.

Provide extra information with AR

Explain your product or concept better.

AR has the ability to reveal what would normally be hidden or impossible to showcase in the physical world. This includes floating annotations, exploded views that reveal what's inside a product, and demonstrating product usage that may not be safe indoors, like flying a drone. The possibilities are limitless.

Create an eye-stopper to keep booth visitors engaged longer

Combine a product configurator in 3D with Augmented Reality.

Enable attendees to customize their AR experience. Vectary offers a 3D configurator maker that lets you create a customizable 3D version of the product that can be instantly previewed in AR. Read a case study on how Memotics used Vectary to create an interactive 3D and AR showcase, opening up new possibilities for the F&B retail market.

Offer innovative giveaways that leave a lasting impression

Give the attendees something special.

Providing a complimentary gift for event attendees does not need to be expensive in order to leave a premium quality impression. By creating an AR link in Vectary, the QR codes can be printed on visiting cards or booth wall designs. The viewer can take a virtual tour of the product on their phones, back in their office or any other location. The flexibility and the mobility of the design has a great potential for social media engagement even after the event is done.

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