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A single platform to import, edit and share product design and development concepts in an improved 3D workflow.
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Empower designers with interactive and shareable 3D concepts

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Explain movement and modularity, bring variations, use Vectary in the prototyping stage as well as the final marketing campaign.

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Include features like baking and optimization to improve the final design. Make it stand out in a real-time render, and load faster when shared.

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Create your own library of materials and let your team use it across project to test and present concepts with material switchers.

Stay ahead of the curve with Augmented Reality

The best way to analyze product design, parameters, or size limits is by placing it in its physical location using AR.

Accelerate product development: from concept to retail

Improve visualization

Achieve breathtaking final results effortlessly by utilizing a diverse range of presets to set up optimal displays, lighting, and materials.

Stay sustainable

Optimizing the number of physical samples can improve the footprint, cut down on costs, production time and even product returns.

Deliver useful content

Create 3D interactive configurators to display information about products, including materials, color variations, and mobility.

Increase production speed

Maximize your team's productivity by using Vectary to store all your design files, no matter what software the designers are using.

Manage displays

Keep up with the latest trends in merchandising, showroom displays, and e-store engagement thanks to AR.

Protect your designs

Our powerful cloud architecture, along with top industry safety standards and security audits, keep your files safe and protected.

Work faster while keeping the costs down with one collaborative 3D platform

Case study

Dowina used configurators to boost productivity and customer satisfaction

Dowina implemented 3D configurators to be able to send digital twins to clients, as well as optimize internal processes for accurate planning, pricing and production.

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  • Collaboration options: sharing, commenting, access controls
  • Project management: custom libraries, cloning, organization
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  • Workspaces options for small and large teams