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Why furniture design companies work with Vectary

3D furniture design has become an integrated part of the creative and presentation process. It provides fantastic versatility and freedom of expression, and at the same time, functional guidance for manufacturing teams and even retail planning.

Getting new designs ready, approved and showcased involves coordination between numerous teams and even furniture design software. Vectary platform answers this need by enabling collaboration from concept to launch. It efficiently brings all the stakeholders into one 3D workflow that will speed up the feedback loop, enable collaboration and increase productivity.

Vectary is the fastest platform to design, edit and share your ideas in 3D

Discover the potential of Vectary’s solutions for your team

Improve concept presentation

Interactive 3D presentations combined with engaging UI deliver a virtual furniture showcase with all the product information, material choices, modularity and color variations to get the concepts understood and approved.

Find ways to stay sustainable

Reduce costs and CO2 on the unnecessary item returns due to wrong size, color or variations. Offering AR and configurable photorealistic 3D design avoids uncertainty during the client’s decision process.

Deliver emerging technologies for marketing

With easy file sharing, Marketing can quickly reuse designs for retail planning, and campaign creation. Future proof your product displays by offering AR and digital twins for the new possibilities of WebXR.

Increase the speed of production

By having ‘one place of truth’ designers can work on various software, yet import and keep everything in Vectary. Set up material libraries or store 3D assets that are repeating across various projects.

Manage merchandising displays

Create product displays with customized lighting to replicate the retail settings. When used in combination with AR, it becomes a powerful furniture visualizer tool for go-to-market presentations.

Protect your intellectual property

Keep your files safe and protected with a platform that complies to the top industry safety standards using data encryption, security audits, and powerful cloud architecture.

Vectary success stories with furniture brands

Case study

Mobili Fiver used immersive experience while expanding into new markets

Online retailer for quality Italian furniture, expanding into the European market and offering great customer experience using 3D and AR.

case study

beflo used a 3D configurator and AR to present their award winning product

This premium furniture manufacturer used the Vectary platform to build an immersive configurator for their website. It was all done by a single person - their product designer - who had no previous experience working with Vectary.

Speed up decision making with Augmented Reality furniture

Transform ideas into complete product presentations

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Explain the functionality, bring variations, use Vectary in the prototyping stage as well as the final marketing campaign.

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Include features like baking and optimization to your final presentation. Make it look better in the real-time render, and load faster.

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Create your own library of materials and let your team use it across project to test and present concepts with material switchers.

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