Drive collaboration and turn ideas into action

Improved visualization using 3D and AR to achieve results.
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Embed interactive 3D viewers into Lucidspark and Lucidchart using one link

Use interactive 3D and AR showcases to get your ideas understood.

Communicate your ideas more effectively with interactive presentations

An interactive 3D viewer can convey more information than a static image or long written explanations. Introduce an embedded 360 degree product view to showcase functionality and behavior. Convince stakeholders at any stage of the project.

Bring innovation with Augmented Reality

Enable Augmented Reality in your 3D viewer. With access to Lucidspark or Lucidchart, anyone can see the 3D concept in real size within their own environment without the need for app installation or coding. This can save resources on placement planning and product samples.

Get out of the feedback loop faster

Improving the clarity of concepts can prevent unnecessary feedback loops and save your team a significant amount of time. Viewing the product from various angles or even in augmented reality provides a more accurate representation, making feedback more relevant for specific cases.
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Unleash the full potential of a powerful 3D platform

Create, edit and manage your 3D content in one smooth workflow.

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  • Key features for creating, editing and sharing files
  • Workspaces options for small and large teams