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A single platform to import, edit and share product designs in an improved 3D workflow.
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Transform CAD models into interactive and shareable 3D experiences



From microchips to whole product handout for the manufacturer. Use interactions and configurator features to make your ideas understood.



Create convincing sales deck for your medical B2B clients. With the use of floating UIs and configurable elements, it is easy to visualize an ideal set.



Explain the functionality, bring variations, use Vectary in the prototyping stage as well as the final marketing campaign.



Harness the innovative power of Augmented Reality. It enables clients to preview the chosen product variant right at their location before installing the product.



Combine interactions and animation for more convincing presentation. Trigger additional information like size with hotspots.



Take full advantage of using hotspots and annotation features to provide a comprehensive explanation of each part of your product.

Vectary is the fastest platform to design, edit and share your ideas in 3D

Get all the benefits of a fast and collaborative workflow

Fast team onboarding into Vectary

As an online platform, Vectary does not require software installs or multiple licenses. Get access from anywhere, and on any device. Adaptable to various skill-sets to on-board everyone easily.

Successful concept presentation

Engaging user interfaces paired with animated 3D displays provide a complete product showcase with customizable materials, modularity options, and a range of color variations to ensure quick approvals.

Increased production speed

Teams from various departments can collaborate using multiple software programs by importing and keeping all of the designs inside Vectary. Files are easily accessible from any place or device.

Thorough training and customer support

For internal teams or customer/field support, interactive 3D and AR are effective methods to increase retention. The content is accessible on any mobile device, making it an ideal solution for viewing anywhere.

Decreased operational costs

The use of interactive 3D reduces the need for physical samples, lowering the associated costs. AR reduces not just production errors, but also item returns due to wrong size, color or variation.

Safe and protected intellectual property

Secure your designs with a platform that complies to highest industry standards and safety protocols, using data encryption, safe cloud architecture and regular audits.

Offer new solutions with the use of Augmented Reality

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the parameters or size limitations of a product by placing the AR in its actual, physical location.
Case study

Sharp’s success with streamlined workflows and great customer experiences

“It’s so easy to get the result with Vectary. No more email ping-ponging during preparation. We can get it on the web with only a few clicks, and our customers love placing Sharp products in their living room using AR.”

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