Achieve more with interactive presentations in Miro

Combine Vectary and Miro platforms for a fantastic synergy of collaboration and productivity.

Unlock a new potential: Embed 3D viewers into a Miro board using one link

Magic happens when you turn your Miro boards into interactive 3D and AR showcases.

Supercharge team collaboration

Forget static images! Interactive designs can communicate concepts more effectively and quickly. By rotating and viewing the object from all angles, Achieving a faster feedback loop is easy when you can rotate and view the object from all angles.

Get your concept across with an interactive presentation

An interactive showcase is a sure way to make your ideas stand out and impress. You can get and keep everyone’s attention by packing a complete product overview into one super engaging visual display.

Deliver something new with Augmented Reality

No-code, no apps, just innovation. An easy step from digital to virtual. To enable the Augmented Reality preview, click on the AR icon in the viewer. This will prompt a QR code to appear. Scan it with any phone and view the model in your space wherever you are.

Discover the full potential of a great 3D platform

Create, edit and manage your 3D content in one smooth workflow.

Discover more 3D solutions for highly productive teams. Get a Vectary demo.

See why product, design, marketing, web, manufacturing and many more teams are using Vectary to speed up 3D production and cut operational costs. A guided product tour includes:

  • Collaboration options: sharing, commenting, access controls
  • Project management: custom libraries, cloning, organization
  • Key features for creating, editing and sharing files
  • Workspaces options for small and large teams