Integrate Figma into your workflow

Combine both design platforms for a  beautiful synergy of possibilities and productivity.

Unlock the new potential:  turn your Figma 2D designs into interactive 3D

The magic happens when 2D designs from Figma are transported into Vectary, and used as customized materials, textures and label designs.

Live link your Figma frames

Connect your Figma account  with a simple token import to Vectary. Copy/paste frames to get your designs into the 3D Studio. The benefit of syncing the two platforms is that any updates you make in the Figma file will also be automatically updated in Vectary. This includes the source on the web where the final design is embedded or shared.

Use frames as 3D stickers

Wrap your 2D graphic around 3D objects. Use Vectary to enhance it with effects and materials hard to achive in 2D tools. Ideal for branding, product details and UI elements.

Create awesome materials

Discover a new way to create custom materials. Just paste the Figma frame link into the material settings and it is ready to be applied.

Make your 2D designs 3D - in seconds

Create 3D logos, 3D UI design or 3D icons out of 2D images by simply copy/pasting a Figma frame or SVG file into Vectary. Up your game by making them animated and interactive.

Use 3D mockups in Vectary plugin for Figma

Model library for fast mockups - just add your branding. A great tool for any UI, product or industrial designer, as well as marketing teams.
It has been downloaded by more than 300K users.

Choose your best angle

3D gives you infinite possible ways to view your design. Just pick the exact angle you need to perfectly showcase your product.

Customize everything

Edit each part of your 3D model by color, metalness, roughness, or material. Access an infinite number of textures with Figma frames. Change the lighting setup of a 3D model or the environment.

Collaborate and share

Sharing 3D assets among team members just became easier. Import and automatically share team projects created in Vectary when team members connect their Vectary accounts to the Figma plugin.

Share the final designs in a 3D viewer

Complete the transformation by taking your design from a flat 2D screen image, to sharing it with others in a 3D viewer or Augmented Reality.

Download 2D images

Visuals of your 3D mockups from any angle are still downloadable. Vectary Studio's real-time rendering means the finished design can be downloaded immediately. However, we always recommend sharing in 3D instead.

Share an interactive 3D viewer

Improve the presentation of your work by embedding into slides, productivity software or websites. With the Pro plan, let your clients or team members see the objects in their own space using AR.

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Bring your 3D and AR prototypes into FigJam

Complete the transformation by taking your design from a flat 2D screen image, to sharing it with others in a 3D viewer or Augmented Reality.
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