Turn your CAD models into interactive showcases

Improve the visualization of your CAD files by adding interactive and animated components that help explain your concepts.
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Speed up the workflow for a faster concept approval

Improve the design, make it interactive, collaborate with your team and publish your work.
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Get amazing render quality with Vectary presets

Skip hours of testing and manually setting up lighting with HDRI environment presets.

Scene presets

When starting a project, select a scene that you can drag & drop your 3D model onto.

HDRI environments

Select a high-quality HDRI preset or upload your own custom environment.

PBR materials

Achieve photo realistic renders by using Vectary’s library of PBR materials.

Transform your static CAD into an interactive experience

From creating exploded views, to showing the inner workings, to modular assembly or movement, interactive visualization provides an amazing opportunity to demonstrate product functionality and behavior.
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Create full displays

Display fully customisable floating elements and hotspots to drive user engagement with tailored content and CTAs.


Encourage engagement

Allow user engagement for customization, multi-layered information, and full color/material options.


Show movement

Show movement of parts or the whole object that behaves realistically, and demonstrates functionality.

Introduce new visualization options with Augmented Reality

Before beginning production of an actual prototype, test the CAD design at full scale on-site. No app or coding needed. Just enable Augmented Reality in Vectary Studio.
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Prepare your model for online sharing and fast loading times

Vectary has several tools that will help you reach that lightweight mesh instead of a heavy CAD.
Learn how to optimize 3D models in Vectary

Scene analyser

Perform an immediate diagnostic test to detect possible performance issues and receive suggestions for improvement.

Optimization tools

With the help of built-in tools such as Simplify or NURBS, reducing the number of polygons or resizing textures is quick and easy.


Create detailed high-quality visuals while keeping your 3D files small. Brings path tracing render quality to real-time 360 rendering.

Discover the best approach to sharing CAD

No more heavy file sending via email or transfer. No more high costs for view-only licenses.
Just send one link or embed your 360 interactive viewer to presentation tools such as Miro or Lucid.
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Import most 3D file formats


Share one link 360 renders

Send the project link that can be viewed from any device. Sync instantly after any change.

Get clear feedback

Business workspaces allow for real-time 3D comments directly on the model.

“It’s so easy to get results with Vectary. No more email ping-ponging during preparation. We can get the design online with only a few clicks, plus our customers love placing Sharp products in their living room using AR.”
Sharp Electronics

Explore Vectary demos

Modular parts

This demo explains how the magnetic attachment works and provides additional info with hotspots and annotations.

Exploded view

The bike’s tire design consists of layers that would normally be hidden. On click interaction reveals exploded view animation.


Floating menu reveals and describes what is inside the CAD model. On click hotspots trigger the rotation and the animated graphics.

Get inspired by Vectary success stories

Case study

beflo used a 3D configurator and AR to present their award winning product

This premium furniture manufacturer used the Vectary platform to build an immersive configurator for their website. It was all done by a single person - their product designer - who had no previous experience working with Vectary.

Case study

Formlab shortening feedback loops internally and with clients

Formlab prototyping studio specializes in custom-made products for their clients. From idea to final presentation, using Vectary lets them deliver faster and with less errors.

Case study

Sharp’s success with streamlined workflows and great customer experiences

“It’s so easy to get the result with Vectary. No more email ping-ponging during preparation. We can get it on the web with only a few clicks, and our customers love placing Sharp products in their living room using AR.”

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