Seamless AR Publishing
for Web and Mobile

Build immersive experiences for the real world. Publish 3D and Augmented Reality content to any website, on all platforms with Vectary Web AR.
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In Desktop Browsers
View, zoom and rotate a realistic 3d composition in your desktop browser and seamlessly transition to mobile AR.
On iPhone and iPad
Vectary Web AR takes advantage of Apple’s latest ARKit 3 to create an immersive AR experience on iPhone and iPad.
On Android Devices
View your 3D content in real life on supported Android devices with a tap of a button right from your website.

High Quality AR
Output in Minutes

Transform your imported model with high quality and free materials, environments and lightning setups in Vectary.

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Free Material Library
Enhance your 3D content with access to hundreds of free high quality materials carefully selected to shine in AR.
AR Optimization
Let Vectary do the heavy lifting of reliability and performance optimization to ensure smooth experience on every device.
Light Baking
Web AR automatically bakes physically accurate materials and shadows for extra realism and immersion.

Design anything from scratch...

Try Vectary Studio - a full featured 3D editor in the browser.

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...or bring your content from anywhere.

Vectary can import 3D files from all major tool-chains in the polygon, CAD modeling and 3D scanning field. Over 60 import formats are included in the free version, with additional CAD package available for specific files from Catia, Solidworks, Pro Engineer etc.

Proprietary Autodesk interchange format. Vectary supports importing FBX version 2005 and above.
Simple and open data-format that represents 3D geometry alone. It’s been widely adopted as an interchange format.
Also called the JPEG of 3D, GL Transmission format is the most common and advanced 3D interchange format.
Vectary supports importing of the Scalable Vector Graphics format and can be easily used as geometry.
Age-tested and common CAD exchange format. Vectary automatically converts IGES into polygon models.
Another widely used CAD format with high interoperability, STEP is intended to be the PDF of 3D world.

API to customize every aspect of the experience

For times when you need to go beyond the ordinary, Vectary Web AR features full programmatic access. Take advantage of the API to custom tailor the experience to your audience.

Fiberglass Leg
Rod Frame
Object & Material Changes
Dynamically change scene lights, materials and all object properties like visibility, rotation, position and scale.
Switch from pre-selected views, define orbits, animate objects or build exploding views into your composition.
Meta Operations
Your entire scene is API accessible, allowing you to build solutions like annotations attached to objects or even image export.

Gary Simon

Founder, Design Course
“Finally a 3D design tool
2D designers can understand.”

Asim Khan

Product Designer, Netflix
“Highly recommended program for
any visual designers starting off.”

Meng To

Founder, Design+Code
“Vectary is making 3D so approachable.”